We offer sustainable and Natural Skincare without the green-shaming. Our customers are those who may not have quite gotten green down but are trying. It’s for those aware of long term implications but have a long list of immediate tasks that don’t always allow them to peer into the future. It’s for those who get green right sometimes. We’re right there with you and we’ve got you. We’re learning with you and with each order, we are held more and more accountable. We do the work so you won’t have to. We aren’t always shouting "GREEN" but you can rest easy because you know we are.

     Skin is an essential part of human survival. Without it, we would be left defenseless and without shape. We believe quality skincare should protect our skin as much as it protects us. In a market where every brand claims “natural” or overcharges for using less chemicals, we chose another route. Everything you are is because of your skin and that’s why your skin comes first. Next, is your wallet. We are a sustainable brand- economically & financially and no one gets punished for it. A good, guilt-free product that is great for your skin. You shouldn’t be made to feel guilty for treating yourself well and with BADASS Beauty Bar, you won’t!

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